Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Crow's Gym Thoughts: Vol. 168

Crow's #Gym Vol. 168
As you see the flood of resolutioners in the gym this time of year, and of course feel the pinch of equipment being in short supply, you should just make a resolution of your own, like many of us have done every January until the resolution bug leaves the uninitiated. Try some new types of exercises. Every year I find at least one or two new ones that are more effective than the ones I had been using. It's the one gift the resolutioners always seem to give me, along with reverse power of example..

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Gym Term of the Day from The Health Whacko Gym Term Dictionary ..
Each individual movement (example, a seated pulley row, barbell curl, or seated calf raise) that you perform in your bodybuilding workouts.

Exercise of the Day from The Health Whacko Gym Encyclopedia of Back Exercises ...
Pulldown (BowFlex Lying Stiffarm)
Shoulder Extension (elbow stabilized)
Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes the upper back (the latissimus dorsi, teres major, and rear deltoid muscles). It also involves the chest (the pectoralis major muscles). The triceps muscles, located on the back of the upper arms, are involved in maintaining the elbow position and also help with shoulder motion.
Pulley position: Narrow.
Starting position:
• With the bench flat, lie on your back with your head toward the Power Rods®. Position yourself far enough down the bench to allow the arms to extend overhead without hitting the Power Rods®. Keep the knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
• Extend the arms overhead and grasp the handles with your palms facing the ceiling.
• Tighten your abdominals to stabilize your spine while maintaining a very slight arch in the lower back.
• Move your hands in an arc upward and then down toward your legs.
• Keep your shoulder blades on the bench, pinch them together and slide them downward toward your hips as your arms move.
• End the motion with your arms by your sides, pressing your shoulder blades down, completely tightening your lats.
• Control the return to the starting position by slowly moving the arms back overhead and releasing the shoulder blades.
Optional motions:
• Bilateral movement – both arms pulling at the same time.
• Unilateral movement – performing all reps with one arm before moving to the next.
• Alternating – performing one rep on one side and then the next rep on the other side.
• Simultaneously alternating – both arms moving, although in opposite directions (one pulling while the other is returning).
Key points:
• Do not lose spinal alignment. Relax your neck, keep your chest lifted, abs tight and maintain a very slight arch in your lower back.
• Keep the lats tightened throughout the entire motion.
• Release your shoulder blades at the end of each rep and initiate each new rep by depressing your shoulder blades.