Monday, January 25, 2016

The #MotivatedMonday #SelfieSaturday Part Two

I had a good week, and managed to merge what was a start over period back into what was my falling off point. In other words I am back to lifting at the rate and poundage that I was before the Christmas doldrums set in. I can also say that I legitimately lost about 3 lbs this week, and my pants don't hurt like they did two weeks ago. Of course we are in the depths of resolution season so rather than droning on about what I did and what I learned let me tell you the newest whacky thing that a bunch of resolutioners did Saturday while I was working out.

I know there are probably a lot of people out there that think the meatheads at the gym make it difficult for the average Joe to go and get a workout on. Well try this one on for size. Fortunately I was just about finished with my back and shoulder routine when this started ramping up, but it did make me decide to forgo the hydro massage. Three women I had never seen before (resolutioners) came in and located the machines that they wanted to work out on. One took her perch on an elliptical, one on a treadmill and another way over on my side of the gym on one of the stair machines. The distance between the three mid to late 50's ladies was between 75 to 100 feet at least. They placed their iPod's headphones in their ears and then proceeded to shout a kitchen table style conversation among the three of them.

Yes these three ladies were so loud that they were drowning out the music on the PA system. They were drowning out the music on everyone else's iPods (many of these people were caught between them) and for about 20 minutes where I finished up what I was doing grabbed my stuff and escaped the place, these three yelled their dinner plans, kids dating lives and how lazy they all feel their husbands are and nothing else in the gym could be heard. The staff were having a very hard time getting the three of them to quiet down as I was leaving, and to be honest with you, it was rather hilarious, albeit the m,ost self centered thing I have seen in a long time.

Why do I bring this up you may ask? I just want people out there who are shy about going to they gym, think people are judging them, or think that I am talking about them when I point out the strange things resolutioners do, that you probably aren't in that league. As you can see this is the type of thing that most people would be afraid to do or self conscious about. I have a feeling that any of the things the average person thinks are strange and try to keep under control is quite tame by the standards of what we actually do see. If you think that you can elevate your game to this level, then I dare you to try, because it really does take a lot more than you think to get on a gym rat's nerves.