Wednesday, February 10, 2016

That Bouncing Weight and Milestones

Ten days later I am down about 7 lbs, and I am supposedly one of those people that knows what they are doing, so when you look at that screenshot from my phone (Courtesy of the My Fitness Pal App) you can see that I just like everyone else could look at the scale and get discouraged, but I do not. I've seen this type of graph before and it would be exactly the same looking graph that I have compiled every time I have decided to diet. Now I am not writing this to brag about how well I am doing (but damn I'm doing good huh huh?) but to help the hard dieters understand the "feel" of dieting and the good things that come from it. Before you even start, I want you to again look at that chart to the left and repeat after me "Everyone's weight goes up and down when they diet, and that is why we are in a marathon and not a sprint!" Then of course remember to not give up.

Most people will tell you that the first five pounds are pretty easy and for some it is and for others it isn't. It gets slightly more difficult after that unless you form the right attitude and understand the "feel" of dieting. There are some milestones that you should be happy about and you should pat yourself on the back over and keep a stable of reliable friends who will pat you on the back too. This also means that you have to keep the envious at arms length as well. Once you have set your calorie goal (in my case it is 1685) you need to be excited the first day you actually do it. You should use a calorie counter like My Fitness Pal, MSN Health or Google Fit. Trust me My Fitness Pal is the best, but different strokes for different folks. Once you get that milestone out of the way, celebrate two in a row, then celebrate a week.

The hardest milestone, but very much important to remind yourself of is that day when you realize that you just aren't hungry the way you were. In my case that would be today. Ten days out in my case, but it may only be a week or it may be two. It will happen and once you acknowledge this then you will lose that excuse that you are always hungry. Your mind will start working with you. Then you can start celebrating weight milestones, how your clothing is starting to fit, getting into whatever clothes you never thought you would again. Pile up those milestones but make damn sure that you are acknowledging them, so that you can look forward to the next one. You never know, you may even hit that milestone of "I look awesome in the mirror" which means it's time to start working on, "I'm going to look BETTER in the mirror." Yeah that is a before and after goal.