Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Great Fat Out 2016: Vol. 02

Two weeks down and many more to go, but the first official weigh in for the 2016 Fat Out after the initial weigh in was yesterday. Even by my own high standards I was pleasantly surprised, and perhaps a bit of greed was what I needed to take my cutting up season to the next level. In two weeks I lost 10 lbs and 5% of my body fat. It all managed to fit into my goal of breaking the spirits of everyone that would dane to fight it out for second place, behind the obvious winner, ME! Well ok I did dominate the first weigh in but I wasn't able to fool anyone into simply playing dead and heading to McDonald's to celebrate inadequacy. Of course most of the people in the competition understand that I only have so much to lose, and I also have a habit of putting on muscle while the rest of them are simply losing fat. I'm still planning on taking to everyone because I do desperately need that new UHD TV and entertainment system for my home gym.

With that said I am now in the shrinking phase of my diet. This doesn't mean my old clothes fit me better (ugh I can barely breath as I tried it today) but it actually means that my stomach is shrinking down to the amount of food I have been putting into it. For those that have never held on that long, after a couple of weeks of cutting your calories your stomach shrinks and in my case, I was able to eat a grilled chicken breast for lunch today and felt stuffed. Just a grilled chicken breast, nothing else with it, so you can gather that there is a point where the diet gets easier on that behalf. It's another one of those milestones where you should be jumping up and down and celebrating with anyone who will listen to you. I have a blog for this.

I can usually get my body fat down to 11 or 12% without too much stress, and I may have to go a bit below that this time around (remember I have stuff to win) and it will make up for the whole Bowflex and Building Blocks Hell I have been foisting upon myself and sadly have to admit I am beginning to like. As soon as my wife and I paint the room that my home gym is in I will start posting videos from the home gym. My wife would kill me if I posted that room in the state it is in and there are things worse than death. Until then I thank you all for putting uup with all of my recycled crap, my preening, and everything else that it takes to be a reader of Jeremy Crow.