Monday, March 28, 2016

More #MotivatedMonday after a #SelfieSaturday

We're Going "Live Action" Today As I do My Flys!
Well this week was an interesting one. I lost weight, since the last Fat Out weigh in (3 lbs) bit I gained .4 % bodyfat. I'm still in first place and let's face it those hand bodyfat readers are never all that accurate so I am sure I will lose quite a bit by the next weigh in. My workouts at home are still really intense, but I think it is all about cashing in on the half hour it would usually take me to drive back and forth to the gym, and perhaps the 15 to 20 minutes I would usually get presentable.

Going to so something a little different this week with the videos. Let me know if you all like, dislike, or just don't care, but what I intend to do here is show some shirt off back exercises to demonstrate the various muscles that actually work during the various row and shrug exercises. Enjoy it while you can I hate doing shirtless exercises. ACK!

Seated Low Row (BowFlex, Cable Row or Machine Row using a narrow underhand grip)

Above you see the average "Seated Low Row" movement. You can see how it works the muscles directly under the arm pits (Latissimus Dorsi) and more to the point, it "thickens" them as opposed to "widening" them like a pull up or a pull down.

Seated Deltoid Row (BowFlex, Cable Row or Machine Row using a wide overhand grip)

Here is a different form of "Row" or as most would call it the "Seated Deltoid Row" which of course works the muscles on the back of your shoulders (Posterior Deltoid), As time goes on and the more you work these muscles you will find them to be the strongest of the deltoids, but of course only if you work them, or at least work them properly.

Scapular Retraction (BowFlex, Cable Row or Machine Row using a narrow underhand or overhand grip)

Last but certainly not least is the "Scapular Retraction" which is basically a seated "Shoulder Shrug" but as you can see the difference in the way it reacts with your back muscles. It works the far upper back between your shoulder blades that goes up beside your neck (Trapezius). Again like the Latissimus Dorsi worked above this is one of the large calorie burning muscles on your body, so the bigger you grow them to more calories you can eat each day.

Have a great week everybody and as always remember to hashtag #FixThePlus !!