Monday, April 18, 2016

#MotivatedMonday and #SelfieSaturday Mid April

A decent week around the dieting trail. I maintained myself under 164 but I am thinking that I am at the new normal, since getting under 163 is a bit tricky. As far as the great Fat Out is concerned I am completely dominating. Based on last week's stats I am at a 23% bodyfat loss. My bodyfat itself was at 14.7% as of Friday when I last checked it, and the closest competitor I have in the competition lost 18% bodyfat. The one advantage he has is that if he is serious, he has a lot more bodyfat to lose and 3 weeks to do it. We shall see.

Take a looksie at my training room above. As you can see I have added hooks to the wall so that I can store the attachments for my BowFlex. I have an exercise bike, that my wife has stopped using (a while ago) and the BowFlex and the PowerBlocks. All of this fits comfortable in a room measuring 8 foot by 11 foot. Along with my television to watch Netflix while I work out, and some additional abdominal stuff (ab wheel and a couple of swiss balls) that are out of camera shot, I have the perfect home gym. The trick is to keep it neat, and organized, so that it is your home gym and not your storage room.

Last but not least is an even better recycling program. That stupid Surface" piece of junk that I own is now attached to the wall using a swing arm, so that I can make videos, take pictures and track my progress with OneNote. That last addition to the home gym makes me feel a bit more professional in the whole "Health Blog" thing, all for the price of a useless tablet and a a5 dollar wall attachment from Amazon. Of course the hooks (about a dollar each) added to the look and feel of a good home gym too. The trick really is to keep improving the home gym and giving yourself more reeasons to look forward to hanging out in there. Have a great week gang!