Monday, April 4, 2016

The April Edition of #MotivatedMonday and #SelfieSaturday

Another exciting week in the home gym. Well it wasn't a bad one anyway. My weight finally dipped below 165 and jumped back to 167 but that's how my weight works. A lot of it depends on what muscle group I work on any given day. Some of my muscles draw in more water than others so I look for what trend I am on. The trend has been that I have been around 167 for a week and that is good. I still have four more weeks until the weigh ins for the Fat Out end and I am still in first place. My bodyfat % this week has dipped below 15% as well, so I am kicking ass and taking names.

Continuing along with what I started doing last week I have three videos this week (shirtless) to demonstrate the different muscle activities for various forms of pull downs. Look at last week's to see the different muscle activities for various forms of rows.

In the typical "Wide Grip" Pulldown you can see how the muscles strain themselves outward. I find these to be more difficult than the "Narrow Grip" that follow.

As this typical "Narrow Grip" Pulldown is easier for me to do higher weights than the "Wide Grip" above you can see how these really dig into the mid back just outside the spine.

The "Stiffarm" Pulldown not only does a number on the part of the back just outside the arm pits it also does significant good for the inner part of your pectoral muscles.

Have a great week everyone, and remember you are never to late to start working on the body that you want ...