Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#WorkoutWednesday Diet Special

Let's talk about the diet today. The most potent argument I get from people is that the calorie goal that one has been placed on is too high. I'm sure that everyone believes they are that in tune with their body and all, but on the other side of the coin, it is also important to remember that "being in tune with your body" up until this point has put you in a position to where you have to lose weight. It's that old expression "my best thinking brought me here, and I'm not here because I want to be."

I actually understand the theories behind whatever it is you happen to be doing wrong in your diet. I am not saying they are right, but I am saying that I have failed in all of my endeavors leading up to the last few years when I started dieting correctly. The good old days of starving myself and smoking 3 cartons of cigarettes a week, was the best way to slim down to near fatal statistics, but now a days where I don't smoke, and I don't have the youthful testosterone levels and rejuvenation I tend to have to do it the right way, and not in the theoretical. The hardest thing that we can force ourselves to believe is that we have to eat to lose weight. Forget the fads and lets deal with reality for a minute.

It's been the hard science of decades of work, and it is always where we end up after the last fad falls apart. Calories go in, calories get used up, fat gets stored and fat gets used up. There are other factors of course that go into this, like the amount of muscle mass, and how many calories it uses, the level of activity and how many calories are burned there, but the argument always ends at, you need to eat less calories than you use, and you need to eat the right amount of calories to have your system accept the way things are. If you eat too little your body will rebel against you in one way or another. You may not believe me, but I have found more often than not that those who think they can prove me wrong actually never give it a try, for a long enough duration to make it count.

In my own defense of theories, I have actual statistical data, in the fact that I log my own weight every morning at the same time, and I log everything I eat. I don't do this year round but I do it during those periods when I am cutting up for summer or competing in the company Fat Out. I can make graphs like the one above, and I can use my data to log every hill and every valley. Every hill is the day after I eat too little, and every valley is a day I eat around enough. In my case enough to lose weight is 1650 calories. I also have to adjust in the amount of my activity, which is usually about 900 to 1100 calories a day from weight lifting, and then add that to the amount. In that case I would have normal at around 2650. That's a lot of food, trust me, especially if you aren't eating junk.

Again looking at the chart above, every day I eat below 1900 calories I am miserable, bloated, have aches and pains, and the next day GAIN WEIGHT! Every day I eat over 2100 calories, I feel good, usually have no bloat, lack the aches and pains and I LOSE WEIGHT. The worst part of it all is it takes me several days of eating over 2600 calories to gain any weight. A bad day of overeating once a week doesn't negate my progress in the least but a day of under eating throws me into a tailspin. Before I understood that under eating was the problem I would do what most of you do, and starve myself making the problem even worse.

Don't believe the hype of those that just don't want to exercise either. Proper diet, moderate exercise, and yes a good attitude with the knowledge of how all of this works will shed the pounds. Starving yourself makes it so that none of the other things work anyway, much less the poor weight loss effects of not getting in your exercise. I think the most important part of it all is how exercise will make you feel. Healthy!