Monday, May 23, 2016

#SelfieSaturday #MotivatedMonday and a New Toy Kinda

Well I got my third place prize from the Fat Out this week, and you can see half of it on my wrist up there. It's a Garmin Vivosmart and it came with a Heart Rate monitor. Yeah I said, third place because like every year they changed around the criteria for what "wins" and unlike previous years where I had to explain to someone else, how they got screwed out of winning, this year I only had to explain it to myself. Oh well, so as I was saying, I won a Vivosmart and the Heart Rate monitor that comes with it, and I figured I would have something to talk about this week. Let's start talking about it!

I don't know how many people own a Garmin Vivosmart, but let's be honest here. The thing is quite sad really. You can't read the readout on the thing. Partly because the pixelated LED looks God awful, but mostly because it isn't centered well and half of the letters and numbers are covered up by the shoddy construction. Now the app that comes with the Vivosmart is pretty cool, but it sucks at syncing with other apps. I also find it a bit disappointing what use a heart monitor is in general. It appears for the honor of being chaffed and uncomfortable for the entire time I wear it, the only thing it really does, is tell me my pulse rate on the Vivosmart band that I can't read. Assuming I can do all the steps necessary to get to that screen.

I am going to leave it at this since my hand is still making it hard to type, but no matter what you do avoid the Garmin Vivosmart. Even if they change the name to Vivoidiot which would be funny and descriptive of the thing at the same time.