Monday, August 29, 2016

#MotivatedMonday and #SelfieSaturday the Legacy

Well it's no secret that my life has been hectic to say the least. My workouts have been scaled back to an hour a day, and it looks like they will be scaled back a little more. My wife has asked me to change my sleeping pattern and with that I will have even less time to work out. Theoretically I owe it to her as we have been through a lot lately and my sleeping pattern has definitely interfered with us getting a social life. Last night was the first time I went to sleep willingly at 9 pm, which also means that I will have to get up at 4:30 and will have less time for tooling around the internet, before I bang out at least 30 minutes and then head off to work.

In all reality I have found that my results working a much more intense single hour instead of the two I had labored over for years, appears to be giving me better results. It's an age thing really, as my body does need more rest between workouts, so what I intend to do in the near future is split up my workouts even more than I already have. Perhaps I will do lower torso every other day to keep up my core strength and then balance the other days as chest only, arms only, back and shoulders, legs only. It will be quite a change but the good news is I should be able to report the results at least once a week.

Have a great week everyone, and check out a couple of great core exercises. Although I do them both on a Bowflex here you can use your imagination and do them on any old cable tower ...

Crunch (BowFlex Upright Resisted)

Spinal Flexion
Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes the abdominal area including the upper and lower front abs (rectus abdominus) and the side abs (obliques).
Pulley position: Lat tower.
Starting position:
• Remove the bench from the Bowflex.
• Straddling the bench bar, reach up and grab the grips, kneel down onto the platform.
• Your lower back can start out flat or in a normal arch, knees and hips are bent and your knees are stay on the platform.
• Tighten your abs and curl only your torso, slowly moving your ribs toward your hips. Move as far as you can without moving the hips or neck.
• Slowly reverse the motion returning to the starting position, without relaxing.
Key points:
• Allow exhalation up and inhalation down, don’t exaggerate it.
• Do not lift your head/chin. Your head should follow the rib motion, not lead, allowing you to maintain normal neck posture.
• Tighten your abdominals throughout the entire exercise range of motion. Do not let your abs relax until the set is over.
• MOVING SLOWLY to eliminate momentum is critical.
• This exercise will NOT spot-reduce fat!

Reverse Crunch (Resisted Bowflex)

Muscles worked: This exercise works your entire abdominal area including your upper and lower front abs (rectus abdominus) and your side abs (obliques).
Pulley position: Narrow.
Starting position:
• With the bench in the flat position, sit facing the Power Rods® and attach both ankle cuffs over the respective ankle.
• Lie flat on your back on the bench with your head facing away from the Power Rods®.
• Bend your hips and knees so that your thighs are resting on your abdominals.
• Reach overhead and grasp the bench.
• Relax your neck.
• Tighten your abs and slowly curl your hips toward your rib cage. Move as far as you can without using your legs to get momentum and do not curl up onto your shoulder blades.
• Slowly reverse the motion returning to the starting position without relaxing.
Key points:
• Do not throw your legs to initiate the motion.
• Tighten your abs before you move.
• Keep knees and hips stationary.
• Allow exhalation up and inhalation down without exaggerating breathing.
• Contract as far into the movement as possible. Lower under control. Keep abs tight during the entire motion.