Monday, August 22, 2016

#SelfieSaturday #MotivatedMonday and the Blahs

Anyone reading the Life Whacko these days already know why I am mentally exhausted and my head isn't in the game these days, but I know when to avoid injuries. Stress and some other issues have resonated in my lower back at the exact same time that my arm finally stopped hurting, go figure? With that I am still making sure that I do my neck stretching and my hip stretching so that I don't aggravate the injuries I already have. On a brighter note the back pain did go away over the weekend.

Well since I have brought up my neck and my hip stretching I figured I would include my two favorites for anyone else out there that has the same issues ...

Have a great week everyone!

Figure Fours (For The Hips)

Swing & Crane (For Neck, Shoulders and Chest)