Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A New Health Movement, Join In, While There is Time.

July 9th, 2016 marked the five year anniversary of the glorious day I quit smoking. It was a big deal. I had smoked a long time, a long, long time.  But, one day, going to our new doctor, I decided it was time to quit. He prescribed Chantix, and I never looked back. For me the drug may have helped, who knows, but everyday Pfizer would send an email with a simple question "have you smoked in the last 24 hours?" Checking the box that said no was a source of pride, an affirmation. It was a feat, and it made me feel invincible.

Unfortunately, after 30 days I got an email saying the communications would only come weekly, and if help were needed I could call, anytime.  That sucked, I loved sharing my victory with that email, and now I was alone. So, I joined a quit smoking group, so I could say, "hey, I didn't smoke." And it was met with mixed reviews, some people were happy, some people were angry, and some were just indifferent. It was a large group and people are made from various designs, so you live with it.

But, I "met" some great people, and we became friends, we even have a "secret group." And we have all been smoke free for five years. I think, to a person we all all healthier. I have started going to the gym, and eating much more wisely. 

But, our friend, Susan, who I have actually met, in person, several times, is running a 5k. Which I think is the approximate distance to the moon. Try that after a pack of smokes. 

So, I am asking everybody in the whole BlogOSphere, everybody around the world, and even on other worlds if you get this in time, I know Wifi is a little slippery around the Horseshoe Nebula, and beyond to send a note of encouragement to our Friend Susan, the runner, the Champion! Further, on October 16th, take a minute and think of what you should be doing to make yourself a little healthier.

We can call it the Susan 5K Health Movement. Let's make the world a healthier, happier place, and you can be part of the reason. Who doesn't want to do that?