Thursday, September 15, 2016

A small correction. and a humble apology

We would like to post a correction to yesterday's post.  Our friend, Susan is not running a 5K,  which is the approximate distance from Billings Montana to the moon. She is running a half marathon. Which is similar to running from Kalispell Montana to Mars.

We know this because she told us. "I am not running a 5K, I am running a half marathon." We took this as a clue, that maybe she was running a half marathon, not a 5K.

Of course, in her initial email she did say she was running a half marathon, and never mentioned a 5K at all. Which might have been a serviceable clue, had we been paying attention.

Anyway, ESPN personality Kirk Herbstreit and I would like to apologize for our mistake.

Susan, please accept our apology. We would like to say we will pay much closer attention to all of our emails but we probably won't.