Monday, December 12, 2016

#MotivatedMonday Revisited

Well folks a three month round of depression is hopefully coming to an end. On my vacation I was shocked to find out that I am a whopping 30 lbs overweight now, and it is time for me to kick it up a notch. I did it before and I can do it again right? Well ok we have all seen me do it several times over the last couple of years so all I have to do is get with it. Today is day two in a row. You have to start somewhere?

Two days, two salads, four yoghurts and a couple of protein shakes. The real ordeal has been in the sleeping pattern that I changed to placate someone who really doesn't care when it gets down to it, so I needed to go back to the sleeping pattern that someone who does care about me (meaning me) likes to be on. I just don't function in normal time and I am happy to re-admit this. I need to get up every day, workout, eat a healthy breakfast and then go about my day. No more of this get up, eat crap I pick up on my way to work (in a hurry of course) and hopefully work out in the afternoon. That is if I wasn't too exhausted to do so. It was all bullshit, and I am not playing the game anymore.

Here's to what has been a great today, and after my last night of bowling league tonight I will be settling back into my normal, healthy pattern of getting up at 3am and throwing weight around. It's me against the world folks ...

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