Monday, March 27, 2017

The Shame Game

It all comes down to a few simple words, "nobody's perfect" and its probably the hardest thing to teach people as well. I started The Health Whacko many years ago, to just simply emote about the various things I learned as it pertained to physical improvement. I never really considered myself a bodybuilder, although this is technically what I do, and it was mostly because there were too many meatheads out there who made the craft of bodybuilding seem so unappealing. By the terminology "meathead" I am talking about the general observation that many people have nothing more than dead meat inside their skulls, with no real brain matter. In other words, it neither means you are or you are not a body builder to qualify as a meathead. It's quite equal opportunity, and equally as pathetic.

Actually, when I started Fat, Dumb and Wonderful (which was what the Health Whacko became, before it went back to The Health Whacko) I was trying to help those that really needed to lift weights to get healthy, but were afraid to because of meatheads. The meatheads at the gym would shame them for not being "elite" like them, and the meatheads outside the gym would shame them for being one of "those" people. The fact of the matter is, criticisms that aren't based on improvement, aren't worthy of air time. Well at least people that are critical because they are dicks don't deserve air, but that is me being self-righteous. If someone is killing themselves with a spoon, and nobody does anything to help them or at the very least allow them to get healthy, then I will fight for their right to be healthy. Even if they have given up.

I have a shamer who follows me around online. Well I have someone who makes it a point to try and shame me, and it doesn't work. The biggest reason it doesn't work is because he is pathetic. I mean seriously, I don't take time out of my life to shame people, because I have better things to do. He obviously doesn't. I am quite proud that I realized this, but even more proud that I have been able to spot someone who is pathetic, ignore them because they are their own punishment, and go about my life cheerfully. Some may think I am saying this because the person gets under my skin, but that isn't the reason. The reason is because I see people like this who actually do find the people that they can destroy through shame and scorn and THAT makes me angry. It also reminds me that I can't fight other people's battles because those that can be shamed might need a hand up, but some look for a hand out. Their "hand out" is simply the "push out the door" they were looking for. The few who understand this have now gotten their pep talk and will go about their day happier for it. The others unfortunately haven't been beaten down enough yet. I'm sorry for that.

Needless to say, everything I do on The Health Whacko is geared towards helping people find their zone. My zone started in a classroom almost 30 years ago (oh God) then found me going through a horrible divorce, while being a good 40 lbs overweight. Later on it found me shedding off that weight, and then taking the next step to improve myself. It then became a traumatic, life changing injury, that brought me to of all places a Planet Fitness (because I could afford it) to turning me into the go-to "Health Guru" in all of my social and professional circles. Then of course as I aged, I just couldn't be trusted to drive to the gym at 2 am anymore, and a home gym was my only option. I bought a used BowFlex and encouraged people to take advantage of someone who bought one of these, never used it, and is willing to sell it to you for peanuts. I evolved, and I try to help everyone else to evolve too. There have been people on both sides of the fence trying to ruin every step of this journey for me, as unfortunately there will be people trying to destroy every step of your journey too. Misery loves company folks.

Now a'days my home has two gyms in it. The small BowFlex gym in the upstairs, and the larger free weight gym in the basement. I get killer results off of both systems, and I have created all kinds of great content for people who need help getting great results on these systems. I even have a "make-shift" gym in my office at work that consists of resistance bands attached to my chair. I plan to create great content involving those some day when I find the time, but let me explain to anyone, on either side of the fence, I look @#$%ing HOT, especially for a 47 year old man. Might have more to do with my poor vision than my actual physique but guess what? The only opinion I care about is my own. That isn't my ego talking, that is my intelligence talking, because a LOT of hard work went into my ability to say that. In the end it is the only reason that I write things like this, because I want each and every one of you to do this for yourself, and who gives a crap what anyone else thinks. "Those" people are just pathetic.

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