Health Whacko Mission Statement

The Beginnings 
The Health Whacko started out as an offshoot of Jeremy Crow's Mental Notes and Random Musing. Don't bother looking for it, it doesn't actually exist anymore, but if you want to see the blogs that once resided there you can see them at The Life Whacko.

Along the way, this was just a repository for scattered health thoughts until the idea to create Fat, Dumb & Wonderful came along. While FD&W wasn't actually a part of The Health Whacko, it was a good idea that in the end failed. The FD&W concept was to teach people who woke up one day and realized that it wasn't worth living a life of Fat, Dumb & Wonderful, how to overcome that. While the idea was pretty good, nobody really flocked to the website. What had been accumulated in FD&W was incorporated into The Health Whacko. Why waste all that work?

Once all of the dictionaries, encyclopedias and whatnot were incorporated into The Health Whacko, Jeremy Crow started using it as easy content fill, for daily thoughts and other pithy sayings that he would use daily at the gym. The next thing you know the formula started working and The Health Whacko has been growing steadily since 2012. Because of that we figured we should issue this mission statement, so that those that show up to The Health Whacko don't get the wrong idea.

The Middles
Now of course when The Health Whacko started taking off the first thing that had to be done was to eliminate other people's copyrighted content. When you are "just a blogger" with almost no traffic, you hit Google and get whatever graphics you can. When people realize you exist then you have to use your own graphics. Along the way we started making our own workout example images, and workout videos. They are nothing special but nobody can accuse us of stealing them. Unfortunately this leads to another problem, people who want to criticize or get their items out there at your expense. More to follow.

The Now
The Health Whacko is all about the two fundamental things that started it, and Fat, Dumb & Wonderful. Sharing thoughts on health, and trying to help out the new health enthusiast. We are not concerned with comments that criticize what we do. We are not concerned with people posting their own health videos and links in any of the comments. All opinions are actually welcome, and we are not here to censor anyone. We will always be here to help, and to share, and anyone is welcome to do that to. The most important thing to remember is that we are being helpful, and not medical. We aren't always right, but we do try.

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